Start the New Year half a stone lighter, NOT heavier!

You’re probably thinking: there’s no point starting a fitness programme right now, it’s nearly Christmas! 😬

And you’re right! Well… half right…

It IS nearly Christmas! However, it’s also a GREAT time to start a fitness programme 💪

Let’s do some maths! 🤓

Five weeks today will be 3rd January 2024. I know, right??! 🤯

We recommend a minimum of three sessions per week of functional fitness performed at relatively high intensity, which is likely to burn 300-600 calories per session. Let’s say 500 calories, that’s 1,500 calories burnt per week 🔥

If you also make one small nutritional tweak to reduce your intake by 250 calories per day – that’s probably a chocolate bar, a packet of crisps or a few biscuits – that’s another 1,750 calories per week gone!

Add those together and you have a deficit of 3,250 calories.

There are approximately 3,500 calories in 1lb of fat. Factor in the metabolism boost which occurs after high intensity exercise, and you could be looking at losing over 1lb of fat each week for the next five weeks, about half a stone! ⚖

The alternative? Eat and drink loads, feel crap, lose the motivation to move and start the New Year half a stone heavier, like every other year! 😩

The power is in your hands! Book a Free Intro with us and come in for a chat – let’s see how we can help you start 2024 in the best way possible 🙌

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