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For many years, I found an excuse not to focus on me. I lived to work; was not confident in the way I looked; the clothes I wore or how I felt about myself. The last year at PentaLife has allowed me to wrestle back the initiative and completely flip my narrative. I have been lucky, in PentaLife, to have found the place to help me achieve all I want to. I cannot believe I used to carry around 30kgs of extra weight and have most certainly extended my life expectancy through the choices I have made. I have stayed consistent and the classes at PentaLife have allowed me to improve my fitness to immeasurable levels in a short space of time - I can do things I never thought possible! As a result of the coaching and small class sizes, I have also managed to stay injury-free in that time. Through Precision Nutrition coaching with Naomi, I am no longer overwhelmed by food and have not binged for 11 months (something which was almost a daily occurrence). In short: I am a new man, with a new outlook and a new quality of life.
Matt Bristow
Having not done any meaningful exercise for at least 10 years and with two kids under my belt and middle age fast approaching, I knew I had to do something to increase my fitness and improve my overall health. Traditional gyms did nothing for me, motivation was at an all time low and I found it repetitive and boring. I knew I had to move out of my comfort zone so signed up to PentaLife. Right from the start, coaches Dave and Naomi listened to what I wanted to achieve and helped me set realistic goals. They introduced me to new ways of exercising, focusing on doing the basics right and explaining how each one would help to improve my fitness. Classes are based around small groups so you always have others working with you and workouts are so varied that it never gets boring; plus I’m now lifting weights confidently rather than being terrified of them in a traditional gym! You work to your own limits using the Level Method system and its been easy to track my progress. But what really makes this gym an incredible space is the community that Dave and Naomi have built and fostered. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive in the five weeks since I’ve joined – cheering you through a workout and offering tips and advice to improve your technique. I’ve still got a long way to go in my fitness journey, but I’m really enjoying PentaLife – and if I can do it, anyone can!
Donna Turner
I’ve been blown away by the group sessions at PentaLife, which have made me feel truly included and supported. I really enjoy working out alongside like-minded members of all abilities, while the Level Method always ensures I am challenged and on the right track. David and Naomi, have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere that strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and friendly guidance, making it easy to keep coming back. I highly recommend giving PentaLife a try – it's been a game-changer for me!
Ben Newman
This is a gym but not as you know it! Small group classes, with workouts colour-banded so you can work at your level without going too far too fast and injuring yourself! The other members are really warm, positive and welcoming and whether you are super fit or a complete gymophobe, like me, I cannot recommend this place enough to people. The coaches are brilliant, experienced and knowledgeable. They work with you to help set and maintain your goals- whatever your level or current fitness. I have never felt fitter, healthier and more energetic in my whole life and for the first time in my life I look forward to going to the gym! I have done sessions with super strong members and those that are just starting out on improving their fitness - everyone works hard at their own level and I love that, plus I have made some new friends too - because we actually talk to each other! If you knew me before I came here you would be shocked to hear me write so positively about fitness - but you don't so you will have to take my word for it! All I can say is, I would recommend you give it a try. You might find you love it too. See you there!
Tam Jacob

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