Matt’s Story

This handsome guy is Matt. He’s been training with us for the past year, and what a year it has been!

By taking a sensible, consistent approach to his health and fitness; attending the group sessions three or four times a week and eating healthy, largely unprocessed foods with a focus on lean proteins and fresh vegetables, Matt has lost nearly 30kgs which he has described as life-changing!

Here’s what he has to say…

β€œFor many years, I found an excuse not to focus on me. I lived to work; was not confident in the way I looked; the clothes I wore or how I felt about myself. The last year at PentaLife has allowed me to wrestle back the initiative and completely flip my narrative. I have been lucky, in PentaLife, to have found the place to help me achieve all I want to. I cannot believe I used to carry around 30kgs of extra weight and have most certainly extended my life expectancy through the choices I have made.

I have stayed consistent and the classes at PentaLife have allowed me to improve my fitness to immeasurable levels in a short space of time – I can do things I never thought possible! As a result of the coaching and small class sizes, I have also managed to stay injury-free in that time. Through Precision Nutrition coaching with Naomi, I am no longer overwhelmed by food and have not binged for 11 months (something which was almost a daily occurrence). 

In short: I am a new man, with a new outlook and a new quality of life.”

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