The Magic of CrossFit

You might have seen the documentaries on Netflix or heard people talking about the CrossFit Open, or maybe you’ve seen some CrossFit fails videos on YouTube and thought ‘No way, that’s ridiculous – that’s not for me!’.

Well, do you know what? CrossFit can work for you, whatever your age or fitness level, and we’ll tell you why. 

The CrossFit methodology can be used to accomplish any goal, whether that’s improved health or better performance. It is so effective that it may feel like magic, but really it’s just a tried and tested formula that works. A way of combining cardio, gymnastics (we’re talking basic bodyweight movements here, not back flips!) and weightlifting movements at just the right intensity to make people fitter and healthier.

The workouts are challenging but they are worth the effort. They can be scaled for everyone – especially as we use the Level Method system – and continue to work long term, thanks to the infinite variability of the movement combinations. If you are willing to show up consistently and put in the work you will see results – guaranteed!

But it’s not just about the actual workouts. A CrossFit gym is a community of people of all ages, abilities and goals who come together for an hour of their day to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Everyone tackles a variation of the same workout, making it a bonding experience where people support and encourage each other. People are not plugged into headphones and avoiding eye contact – they know each other by name, they’re cheering each other on and they’re dishing out high-fives!

Find out more about the magic of CrossFit by checking out the video above and if you like what you see and are ready to invest in your health and fitness, book a Free Intro with us today.

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