PentaLife Gym Opening Soon!

It’s actually happening – we’re opening our very own PentaLife gym in Chandler’s Ford, Hampshire!

Any of you who know us personally, will know that this has been a long time coming with a fair few frustrations along the way! So we’re hugely excited to be able to share this news with you.

We will be offering fitness and nutrition coaching to people of all ages and abilities, sharing ‘Fun and Fitness’ with as many people as we possibly can.

We will have group fitness and PT packages available as well as hybrid packages to suit you, whatever your health and fitness goals.

Where we are with things:

– The lease on our premises is scheduled for signing 🙂

– Renovation plans are in place 🙂

– We have submitted our CrossFit affiliation application 🙂

– We have partnered with Level Method who will be providing the programming for all of the fitness we coach, whether in group sessions or PT sessions. This is a brilliant system where achievements and progress are easily measured – we’re following the programming ourselves at the moment and loving it so far!

We’re doing everything we can to make our gym a great place to be, with a target opening date for our first classes on Tuesday 3rd May 2022!

Stay tuned for details on our Founders’ Club packages or if you really can’t wait to find out more book a call with usnow.

We can’t wait to welcome you in our gym!

Naomi and David

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