📢 Less than a week until the CrossFit Open! 📢

We’re not a competitive CrossFit gym by any means! We’re much more here to work on our longevity, durability and pushing off the nursing home – burpees at 80 years old, FTW!! 💪

We already use the Level Method system and the Map of Athletic Progression (come and visit us and you’ll see the great big colourful MAP on our wall!). This system gives our members a really clear picture of their starting point of fitness, goals to aim for and very visible progress all year round 📈

However, we are also going to be taking part in the CrossFit Open because it’s simply another great way to measure progress and we love a bit of data 🤓 After all, you can’t improve what you don’t measure!

The CrossFit Open workouts will have options for experienced athletes (RX) and less experienced athletes who are new to competition (Scaled) as well as those brand new to CrossFit (Foundations) so everyone can take part 🙌

We were pretty new this time last year, so we only had a handful of people enter the Open, and this year we have a handful more.

We will be doing the workouts on Saturday mornings in the gym as part of our scheduled classes – keep an eye on our socials to see how we get on! 👀

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